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Have you ever wondered about the difference between “passively” and “actively” managed money? If so, you may want to keep reading. Understanding the difference between passive and active investments may be able to help you determine which one is better suited to you.

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Actively managed money refers to when a manager or management team makes decisions about how to invest a fund.

The performance of a stock will be different as time goes on. As a result, it’s essential to do your research and invest in the right stocks at the right time. If you work with an advisor who has an active approach to money management, doing the proper research may be part of the service.

Passively managed funds, on the other hand, typically follow a market index. There is no manager keeping track of them. A method like this might work fine over a long period of time, depending on your situation. However, as you get closer and closer to retirement, and closer to actually needing that money, having someone to manage your money and provide you with information about your options may be more desirable. Again, depending on your specific situation.

About Grimes Financial Group

Our Founder

Dustin Grimes

comes from generations of honest, hard-working small business owners. At DPG Senior Signature Solutions and Grimes Financial Group, that legacy continues.

Now, we’ve had the privilege of working with over a thousand people in securing their financial futures. We do this by educating clients on how to protect their assets, first and foremost.

In Fact...

Dustin Grimes is what's known as a fiduciary financial advisor.

A Fiduciary is a person with the responsibility of managing other people’s money, who is required to put their clients’ interests before their own. Dustin is both ethically and legally required to act in your best interest when you choose to work with him.

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Annual Financial Reviews

A financial review is an opportunity to take a comprehensive look at your finances, as well as the success of your current strategy or strategies. This review could be helpful not only because your current strategy may be less effective than before, but because your life situation or priorities may have changed. We can help you revise your strategy if needed.

What We'll Discuss

Many changes can affect your investments over the course of a year. We can regularly make adjustments, in order to ensure you’re still on track. Some things that could happen include:

  • Your asset allocation could fall out of balance
  • Your portfolio might not be as “diversified” as you think
  • You may need modification because your financial goals could change
  • Your financial situation could also change unexpectedly
  • Laws could also change, subjecting you to different rules

Additionally, you may want to reach out to us if you value any of the following things. Financial strategies are not “one-size-fits-all.” However, we may be of interest to you if:

  • You’re looking for ways to reduce risk
  • You’re looking for ways to maximize your retirement income
  • You want to feel more confident about your decisions in regards to your money

Learn More

Interested in our wealth management services, and the prospect of actively managed money? Reach out to Grimes Financial Group if you have more questions.

Schedule a one-on-one meeting and review, or attend one of our no-cost, no-obligation seminar events, which we offer both online and in person. We may have the key to helping you secure your financial future.

Reach out now.

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