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Retirement strategies

What Is
Retirement Income?

The big question when planning for retirement is “what is retirement income to you?”

Surely, there are so many options when it comes to setting up your financial future. But, what really matters is that your strategy works for you. Some retirement income streams may work for certain people but not for others. Additionally, details about your assets, your personal goals, and your investment comfort level all play into which options may work best. Gather as much information as you can by attending one of our seminars or by meeting with us in person. Our approach will help you determine a suitable retirement income strategy for you.

Retirement Review

In addition to educational seminars offered at no cost, you can also schedule a “retirement review” with us. During this meeting, we can go over the details of your current accounts and policies. We’ll discuss your current strategy, and review any changes in laws that may impact you. Also, we go over alternatives you may not have been aware of. Of course, we also will answer any specific questions you may have. Finally, we guide you in making a strategy for your future. Some topics we may cover in our meetings and seminars include:

Let Us Show You How to Protect Your Principle, While

Earning A Reasonable return**.

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What you decide to do with your money now will affect what happens later. This is why getting educated on retirement topics is so important. To help, we put together several in-person and online complimentary dinner seminars and online webinars. Each time, we guide pre-retirees and retirees through important market information, and keys to a successful retirement. In addition, our presentations cover possible tax implications, risk assessment, and how to choose retirement income options. Your future is worth it – find out more at our next event.

Helping Hand in Retirement

Usually, retirees who work with someone on their retirement strategy fair better than those who do not. Of course, the professionals you’re working with must take time to understand you and your situation. We strive to make sure our clients feel heard and understood. We won’t ever talk down to you. In fact, we treat each and every client with the utmost respect and the dignity they deserve. See why we’re the “helping hand in retirement” for thousands of retirees.

Getting Guidance

Although not all retirement specialists are the same, we believe most are looking out for your best interest. The difference, though, is some retirement specialists focus on growth strategies. While we also help clients achieve a reasonable rate of return,** our focus is on protecting your wealth. First, we believe that the best strategies start with a solid protection component. Then, we look to keep your earnings at a reasonable rate of return**. While some offices are willing to have clients take more risks, our firm believes in long-term stability for retirement success.

Our Approach

DPG Senior Solutions takes a collaborative approach to retirement. We’re a no-nonsense firm that believes in keeping things simple. We want you to take a holistic view to your retirement. And, we want you to feel confident with your choices. Contact us today for a personalized appointment. Or, reach out for our event schedule.

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